Big Silver River Multi-Span Bridge Design. Harrison Lake, British Columbia

The 155 foot multi-span bridge over the Big Silver River that flows into Harrison Lake is located approximately 40 kilometres north of Harrison Hotsprings, Bristish Columbia. Tamihi Logging Co. Ltd. wanted to re-use the existing set of steel bridge girders that was founded on aged and failing log crib abutments over salmon spawning habitat. 

Allnorth completed a site survey of the existing bridge, and subsequently designed a new structure utilising the old components.  The 135 foot girders were moved to a driven pile pier on one side of the river, and a new cedar log crib was constructed from locally sourced logs.  The span was retrofitted with Allnorth’s design for a jump span bearing seat.  The retrofitted structure comprised the original set of girders plus a second 20 foot steel span.  The girders were fitted with wood decking and guardrails. 

The success factors for this project included:

  • A design incorporating existing bridge components and generating significant savings during construction;
  • Removal of waterway constriction at the crossing, improving the stream cross section and reducing potential impacts to a salmon bearing stream.
  • Site survey of existing crossing and structure.
  • Detailed design - timber crib, driven pile abutment, jump span extension, and jump span bearing seat.
  • Construction assurance – site visits for construction review, and final construction documentation and crossing assurance statements.

Services in this project

Civil Engineering

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Structural Engineering

Allnorth provides comprehensive structural engineering design services for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients. We design short- and long-span bridge structures; municipal, industrial, and commercial buildings; and temporary construction works.

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Our experienced team of professional and technical survey staff use Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS, robotic total stations, CADD On Site, and 3D laser scanning to support projects in a variety of industries.

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