Batch Digester Blowline Replacement, Neucel Specialty Cellulose

Allnorth provided 3D scanning and piping design services for this project. The blowlines from the batch digesters had to be replaced because they were failing due to stress corrosion cracking. No design or as-built drawings for the blowlines existed, and access to the lines for field measuring was limited. The client engaged Allnorth to scan the blowlines with our 3D scanner and create drawings for the sections that needed to be replaced. Allnorth scanned the piping, structural steel and equipment in the blowline area and used the 3D scan data to model the existing blowline, including defining locations and angles of branch connections, confirming the radii and roll of the long radius bends, and identifying the routing through congested areas. When the design drawings were completed, Allnorth worked with the client and the piping spool fabricator to coordinate the shop and field work so the installation was completed in the most cost-effective way.

Allnorth’s responsibilities for this project included:

  • 3D scanning and modeling
  • Piping design

About this project

Neucel is a dissolving woodpulp manufacturer of specialty cellulose. The plant is located in the town of Port Alice, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Services in this project

3D Scanning

Allnorth provides 3D laser scanning services using our in-house 3D laser scanner, Leica ScanStation™ C10. Our technical staff produce 3D solid models, volume and area calculations, topographic detail surveys, and quantity surveys.

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Allnorth’s Environmental Services Group (ESG) comprises scientists, biologists, engineers, technicians, project and construction managers and business professionals. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your project is planned, implemented and completed safely and sustainably.

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Mechanical Engineering

Allnorth provides comprehensive mechanical and piping engineering services to industrial projects. Our in-house  multidisciplinary expertise allows Allnorth to offer integrated service packages for clients in multiple sectors.

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Project and Construction Management

At Allnorth, we believe that communication and teamwork, from start to finish, are key to the successful execution of any project. We work closely with our clients to plan and manage projects from initial concept through to delivery.

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