Athabasca River Bridge Project, Materials Testing and QC, Flatiron Construction Corp.

Allnorth conducted materials testing quality control, such as compaction testing, concrete testing, and grout testing, during construction of various components of this bridge project. The Athabasca River Bridge is considered Alberta’s largest bridge; the bridge deck measures 108 feet wide and 1,548 feet long and was built to accommodate more than 3 times the average weight of most bridges, with a capacity of 1,100 metric ton loads.

Allnorth’s responsibilities for this project included:

  • Quality control (QC)
  • Compaction testing
  • Concrete testing
  • Grout testing

About this infrastructure project

The Athabasca River Bridge is located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, approximately 270 miles north of Edmonton. The bridge was needed to manage increased traffic to and from this increasingly busy area of the Alberta Oil Sands. FlatIron constructed the bridge for Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation. 

Services in this project

Materials Testing

Allnorth provides on-site and office-based materials testing services that complement our construction management and surveying services. Using mobile testing laboratories, Allnorth’s technicians conduct standard tests for concrete, asphalt, and aggregates and soils.

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