Tellus Belle Glade Florida non-wood pulping facility opens

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

On March 27th, 2018, Tellus held the opening ceremony for their baggase pulping and finished products facility in Belle Glade, Florida.  This marks the completion of the first production scale non-wood pulping facility utilizing the Phoenix technology in the world.

Tellus CEO Matt Hoffman, opened the ceremony by welcoming the hundreds of guests including staff, vendors, consultants, government officials, family and news media.  The opening words by Matt, were followed by a group prayer, brief Tellus company overview and speeches from the Sugar Cane Growers Co-Op President, Governor of Florida, Florida Chrystal President and Commissioner of Agriculture.  In closing, Matt gave a warm thank you to everyone that was involved with the project.  It was a great day for Tellus, Sustainable Fiber Technologies and Allnorth.

Allnorth was instrumental in bringing this project to completion. Even though we are nearing the completion of the Belle Glade Facility, it is just the beginning of our work with non-wood pulping projects around the world.

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