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Angela Martens, CPA, CGA

Angela Martens, CPA, CGA

Angela Martens, a highly experienced financial professional, assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer at Allnorth in July 2023. Prior to joining Allnorth, Angela held senior roles in rapidly evolving organizations such as SKYTRAC Systems Ltd. and the ClearStream Energy Services Group of Companies, overseeing key finance and administration functions.

Angela’s strategic decision-making abilities, along with her aptitude for financial analysis, budget and forecast management, and treasury, debt & investment management, have seen her successfully navigate complex financial landscapes. Known for her expertise in mergers and acquisitions, policy management, and information systems improvements, Angela’s innovative leadership has consistently driven value and growth in her previous roles.

At Allnorth, Angela is now leading the charge on financial planning and operations, leveraging her comprehensive understanding of financial reporting and regulation, including IFRS, TSX, and ASPE compliance.

Angela is committed to proactively harnessing the power of technology. She aims to employ innovative tools that will allow us to gain profound insights from our data. With an emphasis on decision-making driven by operations, her goal is to enable finance to fully support and partner with the rest of the organization, empowering all facets of Allnorth.

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