Colton Polsom

Project Engineer

What excites you about the work you do?

I have been part of some large-scale projects, such as the Deh Cho Bridge Project in the North West Territories. It’s been really neat getting to do designs and calculations on projects and then actually going into the field and seeing them get built.

What is a typical day like for you?

In the office, I take direction from a Senior Engineer, and I am usually working on multiple projects, attending project meetings, meeting with designers and clients. In the field, it changes everyday. I often do report writing, communicate with clients and attend contractor meetings. There is a lot of variety and it really changes everyday.

What type of people do you work with on a regular basis?

In the field I work with contractors, trades, foremen, and clients. In the office, I work primarily with engineers and designers.

How has Allnorth helped you to formulate and achieve your career goals?

Participating in the co-op program has allowed me to get clarity on the type of engineering I want to do. I am now focused on structural engineering in the heavy industrial realm. Allnorth has given me the support I need to help finish school, and I have received valuable mentorship from senior engineers.

How do you strike a good work/life balance?  

When I am in the field, Allnorth has been very accommodating to ensure shifts and travel are taken care of and that days off are really days off. When in the office, I focus on work and in the evenings and weekends I have lots of time to allow for everything else that needs to happen.

I was fortunate to get my first job at Allnorth through the UBC co-op program. I have worked for Allnorth as a co-op student for three terms and I am now in my last year of getting my Bachelor of Engineering. I have also accepted a full-time position with Allnorth upon completing school as an Engineer in Training.