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Allnorth Employee Featured In New Canadian Immigrant Success Story

Allnorth Employee Featured In New Canadian Immigrant Success Story

Posted on 25.09.2013

People move to Canada for many reasons but primarily to work toward a better life for themselves and their children. Welcome PG and the Prince George Citizen present success stories as told by new Canadian immigrants who have chosen Prince George as their new home.

Bypassing all the big-city living Canada has to offer, Tarun Bibra headed directly to Prince George where the living is easy.

After being raised among the sky scrapers in cities like New Delhi, Tarun wanted a place where human developments and care for Mother Nature go hand-in-hand. “I wanted a change and that’s why I chose Prince George as my destination,” said Tarun. “I find Prince George a nice and peaceful city where everyone is friendly and caring.”

Tarun graduated as a civil engineer in India but the degree did not translate to Canadian standards. As Tarun takes courses related to his work in the construction field, he gets closer to his engineering status in Canada.

“I know everything takes times but if you really desire to achieve something, you will surely achieve it in the end,” said Tarun. Once he arrived in Prince George, Tarun went to the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society and received advice on how to achieve his goals and started volunteering at IMSS, which led to employment as a part-time computer instructor. As he kept applying for jobs and completed courses in his field Tarun got closer still to his current job as a material technician at Allnorth Consultants Limited.

“I am so happy to be employed at Allnorth, it’s a great place to work,” Tarun said.

Welcome PG is funded by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism & Innovation and the Government of Canada.

New Canadian Immigrant Success Story (PDF)

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